Taking Action

Join a Local Group

Toronto Drop-In Network is full of opportunities to get involved in community work.

Donate Money or Time

If you have the time and/or money, volunteering and donating can be great ways to help those in need. If you know of any other organizations that you would like to see listed, please email us at resist@imperialashes.com

Toronto Homeless Memorial – we can always use grocery gift cards for our lunch outreach. Please donate to the Church of the Holy Trinity

Encampment Support Network Toronto – an organized group of people who are working to provide services for those experiencing homelessness. Please email them report.on.toronto@gmail.com for ways that you can help

Toronto Overdose Prevention Society consists of key stakeholders in harm reduction including people who use drugs, peers, frontline harm reduction workers and advocates. This fund will also support direct actions aimed at increasing awareness among citizens of Toronto about the preventable nature of overdose death. Please consider donating to their gofundme page.

Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto provides a safe and welcoming environment for all Aboriginal women and their children in the Greater Toronto Area. Our programs fall under six broad categories: Housing, Families, Advocacy, Employment, Education, and Youth.

The 519 is a great community resource with several programs that deliver essential services every day serving takeaway meals, checking in on our communities, providing information and referrals, and providing critical services for LGBTQ2S communities including youth, seniors, and newcomers. They are also open to volunteers.

Journey Home Hospice provides people experiencing homelessness with high quality health care services and a safe, welcoming and caring environment for their end-of-life journey. A place based in the community, for the community.

Across Boundaries aims to provide equitable, inclusive and holistic mental health and addiction services for racialized communities within an anti-racism, anti-Black racism and anti-oppression frameworks

Make Music Matter uses the creative process as a therapeutic tool to help empower marginalized individuals and communities. The Healing in Harmony music therapy program is centered on the belief that music can be an integral part of a community-driven, holistic healing model. The program brings together trauma survivors with a trained psychologist and music producer to write, record, and professionally produce songs about their emotions and experience

True North Aid is dedicated to serving and supporting northern Indigenous communities in Canada through practical humanitarian support.

Unis’ot’en Camp Website: “Canada invades. Invades on behalf of industry. Invades during ceremony. Canada tears us from our land. Tears us from our families, from our homes. Takes our drums away. Takes our women away. Jails us for protecting the land, for being in ceremony, for honouring our ancestors…We have had enough. Enough dialogue, discussion, negotiation at the barrel of a gun. Canada comes to colonize. Reconciliation is dead. It is time to fight for our land, our lives, our children, our future. Revolution lives” Join the Wet’suwet’en people in their struggle for their land back, donate here.


These are a great way to compile signatures to present to various people and groups to show what issues are important in our community. Here is an example of a petition started by the Shelter and Housing Justice Network that garnered over 51,000 signatures to declare homelessness and emergency in Toronto. Change.org is a great place to start.

Contacting Politicians

Elected officials need to know what issues are important to members of their communities. Please take the time to call, email or write to your federal, provincial and municipal politicians. If you don’t think it’s worthwhile, consider that it is their job to read every email that comes into their inbox. The more correspondence they receive about an issue, the harder it will be for them to ignore it.

Here are some quick links to find out who represents you:

To find out who your municipal councillor is, click here
To find out who your provincial MPP is, click here
To find out who your federal MP is, click here

Public Demonstrations

This is a great way to get organized and voice your objections to the many injustices happening around us. There are many different reasons why people take to the streets. Public displays of dissent can offer advocacy and bring attention to issues. They offer those involved a support system. Additionally, people may organize in order to counter-demonstrate groups who are the oppressors. This article offers some good resources and further explanations

Spread the Word

If you read any information in academia or in the media, share it with your friends and family. This can be done via blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites. Get the conversation started and keep up the resistance!